Reverse circulation spare parts


Reverse circulation / DTH spare parts
Located in Chile
Ref nr: 16167

List with pictures in pdf here

1. New Sample tube for RC drilling. 7pcs, Length 93,5mm
2. Sample tube for RC drilling new but rusty 70pcs, Length 115mm
3. New Drill bits for RC drilling, Mincon 5456EF140H1B 5pcs, 140mm bit for shank MX5456
5. Halco bits RC drilling 140mm, 12splines, 39pcs
6. New Cylinder 16pcs, Diameter 122mm, Length 140mm
7. Piston for RC-hammer, 4pcs
8. Sample tube for RC drilling 17pcs, Length 965mm
10. Reverse Circulation Cyclone sample collector white and one tube holder
11. Part of Sampling collector black
12. Mixed parts for RC drilling
13. Four Complete hammer and four bits for RC drilling, Diameter for hammer 130mm and diameter for bits 140mm.
14. Drill pipes for RC drilling 40pcs, Diameter 102mm Length 3010mm.
15. One Complete Rotation Unit
16. Rotation unit not completer and mixed parts
17. Mixed keys for drill tube.
18. One Sample tube for RC drilling, Length 1350mm
19. Used drill bits for RC drilling 140mm.
20. Used rotation unit
21. Used RC parts
22. Tools for break drill bit
23. Used parts for bit, hammer
24. New small tube 44pcs, part number 6040572 length 75mm and 3pcs used

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